How to Boost Trade-In Value

November 23rd, 2021 by

Trading in your current ride doesn’t have to be complicated. At Miami Car Credit, we know that you are looking to maximize the value of your vehicle when you are looking for a new one. Take a look at some tips from our experts on how to boost your trade-in value and come prepared!

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  • We recommend that you get an estimate before you come to visit our Fort Lauderdale area dealer. Doing so can better prepare you for the value you can expect when you get ready for trade-in. You can make use of our online trade-in form, as well as outside resources such as Edmunds, to get an accurate range of estimates. We advise being as honest and accurate as possible when describing your vehicle’s condition. If it’s teetering between “Average” and “Clean,” opt for “Average” just to be safe.
  • Give us a call ahead of time and we can let you know if your vehicle is something we’d be interested in purchasing. This saves you time and effort, allowing you to explore other avenues if your car isn’t something we would purchase. If we give you the go-ahead, we can arrange a time for one of our car appraisal experts to meet you at our dealership for a formal inspection. That way we can make an informed and fair decision when giving you an offer.
  • You will also want to give your car a clean sweep before bringing it in. In addition to making sure the interior is free of debris, you may also want to look into having any exterior dings or scratches repaired if your car has lower mileage, under 50,000 or so. A car that has above 50,000 probably won’t have a value that is too affected by outside wear and tear, as it will likely go directly to auction from our lot.
  • The professionals at Miami Car Credit guarantee we will make you a fair offer and want you to leave our lot feeling satisfied. We need to make a profit too, meaning that we may not be at the price point you are looking for. However, by trading in your vehicle with us, you won’t have to endure the hassle that goes along with selling your car, including listing, negotiating, and other tasks. We understand if the offer we make isn’t right for you!


Whether or not you opt to trade in your vehicle with us, we are still eager to help you find your next used vehicle. If you’re in the market for a new car, don’t hesitate to contact us or stop by and check out our selection of used models today!

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