New Car Technology to Look Out for in 2022

July 14th, 2022 by
Mobile Technology for New and Used Vehicles in 2022

In 2022, many vehicles will come with a range of technology features designed to improve safety, enhance performance, or offer ultimate comfort for drivers and passengers. Whether you’re looking for a car with Wi-Fi capabilities, new and improved cameras, or upgraded driver assist features, there’s a vehicle with the technology you’re seeking. When shopping for…

Top Tips for Driving in Heavy Rain

June 13th, 2022 by
Car Driving in Heavy Rain

Everyone knows that wet roads are riskier, but did you know they’re most dangerous the first few minutes after it starts to rain? There are a couple of crucial tips and pointers for driving in rain or a thunderstorm. Check out the Miami Car Credit list of tips for driving in heavy rain. Follow the…

How to Properly Take Care of Your Car Tires

May 30th, 2022 by
Tire Car Maintenance Tips

At Miami Car Credit, we aim to help you get the best value and use from your car, parts, and services. Taking care of your tires at our in-house service center can provide many advantages, including increasing the safety and function of your vehicle to help you get the most value from your purchase.  Tire…

Reasons to Purchase a Truck

February 24th, 2022 by
A black ford truck

If you’re planning to buy a used vehicle, you may want to consider getting a pickup truck. Trucks are becoming an increasingly popular option among car shoppers because of their great versatility, practicality, and capability.  Gone are the days when pickup trucks were mostly built and used for work purposes. While they’re more capable than…

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How to Inspect a Used Car

November 23rd, 2021 by
A mechanic inspecting the wheel of a car

At Miami Car Credit, we pride ourselves in selling high-quality used cars that look and operate like new. But whenever buying used, it’s good to give any car you’re considering purchasing a thorough inspection. INSPECTING THE CAR’S EXTERIOR “Brake Disc Workshop Automobile” licensed under Pixabay by geraldoswald62 Body: Of course, go over the vehicle looking…

Tips for Driving in a Storm

November 23rd, 2021 by
The windshield of a car in a storm

Here in Miami, we’re no strangers to extreme weather. Daily thunderstorms and occasional tropical storms (or even hurricanes) can make for quite the challenge, and it’s important to know how to drive safely in adverse conditions. DRIVING SAFELY IN A STORM “Aggressive Cargo Cars” licensed under Pixabay by PublicDomainPictures Don’t tailgate: Braking becomes a lot…

How Long Can My Car Sit Without Being Driven?

November 23rd, 2021 by
the front of a blue parked car

If you’re like the countless other Americans impacted by shelter-in-place orders, business closures, or remote work, then you may find your time on the road has been slashed in half. With your vehicle likely to stay parked in the garage or on the street for weeks to come, you may be wondering exactly how long…

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Spring Cleaning Tips for your Car

November 23rd, 2021 by
The tire of a recently washed car

Spring cleaning is not exclusive to just your attic, garage, or closet. As the seasons change and temperatures warm, it’s also a great time to dust off your vehicle and ensure your ride is in prime condition for summer, both inside and out. Our used car dealership serving Miami has just the information you need…

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