How to Properly Take Care of Your Car Tires

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At Miami Car Credit, we aim to help you get the best value and use from your car, parts, and services. Taking care of your tires at our in-house service center can provide many advantages, including increasing the safety and function of your vehicle to help you get the most value from your purchase. 

Tire upkeep and repairs work to extend and improve a vehicle’s functionality. Caring for your tires can also boost your fuel efficiency, saving you lots of money. Here are some of the easiest ways to care for your tires and take action before potential issues arise.

Check Tire Pressure

Tire Car Maintenance Tips

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Your tire pressure can fluctuate and decline over time depending on several factors such as climate, handling, mileage, towing, and weight loads. Tires lose an average of one pound per square inch of air (PSI) every month and can see even more significant losses with colder weather and extensive usage. Low tire pressure can affect your ability to steer, control, and stop your vehicle. Checking your tire pressure regularly every month can help ensure your car’s proper function and safety.

Assessing your tire pressure at home is pretty easy, and most vehicles include tire pressure monitoring systems that display a light on the dashboard when the pressure lowers. Many businesses, repair shops, and gas stations provide tire pressure monitors and air pumps for public use. You can typically find the correct tire pressure measurements for your vehicle shown on the inside of your driver’s side door or in the vehicle’s owner’s manual. Mechanics and technicians may also check your tire pressure during routine inspections, full services, and oil changes.

Inspect Tire Conditions

The conditions of your tires can change and decrease over time as your vehicle gains miles and travels on rough terrains or road conditions. Variables such as snow, rain, ice, gravel, dirt, and extra weight can cause increased wear on the treads of your tires. Performing or scheduling a regular inspection can help detect faulty, balding, and cracked tires before they cause issues for you and your vehicle. 

You can easily detect most punctures, rips, bulges, and extensive wear by simply observing the outside conditions of the tire. Inspecting your tires regularly, especially before a long trip, can increase your safety and prevent issues such as flats or blowouts.

Rotate Tires Regularly

Rotating your tires ensures even treads, pressure, and wear. The front end carries more weight for most vehicles and causes greater tread wear on the front tires. Having the front and back tires rotated increases the life of your tires by producing even wear and use on all four wheels. Experts recommend a tire rotation every 6,000 to 8,000 miles depending on the weight of your vehicle and the type of tires. Some tire stores or dealership warranties include complimentary tire rotations for customers. Frequently rotating your tires can improve the lifespan of your tires and improve your overall safety.

Replace Tires Proactively

Waiting until issues occur to invest in a tire replacement can mean additional costs and risks for your safety and vehicle. Replacing your tires when the treads show significant wear can help ensure your vehicle’s ability to maintain traction with the road and provide safe handling and steering. You can check the condition of your tires at home or ask a mechanic to perform an inspection if you feel unsure about replacements. Tire replacement can also maintain the performance of your rims, axles, and internal engine systems by preventing strain and damage caused by tire issues and blowouts.

Select the Correct Tires

Caring for your tires can improve your vehicle’s performance, but selecting the right tires for your specific model and conditions provides crucial safety and leads to the proper function of your car. Tire shops and auto repair service centers can assess the make and model of your vehicle to help you find the right tires. Installing the same type of tires for all four wheels also ensures the safety and even distribution of weight and wear. 

Mismatched tires can cause extra strain on the rest of your vehicle and can negatively impact the handling and traction of your wheels. Customers in environments with heavy snow, ice, or rugged terrain may also look for tires designed to handle harsh weather and conditions.

Balance Your Tires

Factors such as weight distribution, road conditions, and pothole encounters can throw off the balance of your tires by causing uneven wear or damage. Service centers and mechanics offer tire balancing services and checks to increase the safety and maintenance of your tires. If you notice irregular occurrences and functions such as shaking at high speeds, uneven tire wear, increased fuel usage, and suspension issues, you might consider having your tires checked and balanced by a professional. Balancing your tires differs from an alignment or rotation, and all three are important for the care and safety of your tires.

Re-torque Your Wheels

The rims and parts attached to your tires can also affect your vehicle’s handling, safety, and lifespan. Having your wheels re-torqued involves mechanics and specialists checking your tires’ fit, security, and parts. Checking for loose lug nuts and ensuring the proper tightness, placement, and size of the lug nuts can reduce issues such as loose tires, improper handling, and debris caught inside the tires. The mechanic uses a special torque wrench to measure and apply the correct energy and placement of rims and wheel systems.

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These are just a few simple actions you can take to ensure the proper safety and care of your vehicle’s tires. Performing regular maintenance and inspections provides a proactive way to improve safety and function. You can contact our service center for more information about pricing, maintenance, and appointments and view our current service specials. Our staff of qualified technicians looks forward to serving you and helping you understand your vehicle’s needs.