New Car Technology to Look Out for in 2022

July 14th, 2022 by

In 2022, many vehicles will come with a range of technology features designed to improve safety, enhance performance, or offer ultimate comfort for drivers and passengers. Whether you’re looking for a car with Wi-Fi capabilities, new and improved cameras, or upgraded driver assist features, there’s a vehicle with the technology you’re seeking. When shopping for cars in 2022, it’s essential to know about the latest technology to understand what’s available. Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know about new car technologies in 2022.

Mobile Apps

Chances are, you use your phone for various tasks in your daily life, such as controlling your home’s temperature. So it’s no surprise that car manufacturers are now offering mobile apps to pair with your vehicle. Nearly every company offers a mobile app you can download, though they have different features. Some allow you to keep track of your car’s fuel level or mileage, while others will enable you to lock and unlock doors remotely. Some even have a remote start option so you can get the AC blasting before leaving the house on a summer day in Florida.

As mobile app technology continues to improve, some car manufacturers now offer the option to use your phone as a digital key. This feature allows you to lock or unlock the vehicle and start the car just by using your phone. Some manufacturers let you share permissions with others so they can also use their phones to drive the vehicle.

Driver Assist Features

Every year, vehicle manufacturers continue to add new driver-assist features to improve safety and enhance your driving experience. In 2022, some vehicles may come with dozens of these driver assist features. Many manufacturers, such as Hyundai SmartSense and Toyota Safety Sense, bundle these features into an advanced safety suite. Others may feature advanced driver assist features on specific vehicles or trims, or they may offer these features as available options. Here are a few of the best driver-assist features to have in 2022:

Adaptive Cruise Control

This feature takes standard cruise control to a new level, automatically adjusting your speed based on your proximity to vehicles in front of you.

Lane Keep Assistance

You’ll never have to feel the abrupt shock of rumble strips again when you drive a car with lane keep assist. This feature steers your car into the correct lane when the vehicle senses you’re drifting off the road or into another lane.

Forward Collision Warning

This feature senses when a collision may occur, provides an alert, or automatically applies the brakes to help you avoid an accident. Some vehicles alert you with flashing lights, while others make audible sounds.

Blind Spot Prevention

Almost every new vehicle now comes standard with rear backup cameras, but blind-spot prevention is the latest technology for 2022. Some vehicle manufacturers, such as Kia and Hyundai, have added live blind spot cameras to the driver information cluster to help you see on either side of the vehicle. Some cars have systems that integrate software and cameras to ensure you don’t turn into a lane when there’s a vehicle in your blind spot. This technology can help you feel confident when changing lanes on busy Florida interstates or highways.

Android Automotive

Not to be confused with Android Auto, Android Automotive is a new operating system that runs Android apps and some third-party apps. The perk of this operating system is that it’s completely customizable, featuring an open-source platform. It will allow vehicle manufacturers to enhance their infotainment systems to offer state-of-the-art multimedia options. The Polestar 2, an electric vehicle, is the first to use Android Automotive. The system runs a wide range of Google apps and services, such as the hands-free Google Assistant, which allows you to change the temperature or adjust the volume by using your voice.

Wi-Fi Hotspots

When driving a car with Wi-Fi capabilities, you can stay connected no matter where you go. In 2022, more vehicle manufacturers are expanding these capabilities to turn vehicles into Wi-Fi hotspots. This feature allows you to view weather reports, use navigation, and play satellite music while driving. Passengers will enjoy connecting to a hot spot to use their smartphones or tablets to stream movies or play games. Many manufacturers now offer Wi-Fi capabilities, including Toyota, Dodge, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, and Volkswagen. Most hot spots come with a free trial option and monthly Wi-Fi plans.

Rearview Mirror Cameras

How many times have you hauled a car full of boxes across town, leaving just a sliver of room in your rearview mirror? In 2022, some vehicles now offer rearview mirror cameras, so you never have to sacrifice safety when transporting a large load or towing a trailer. These cameras show you the area behind your vehicle. While driving, you can easily alternate between the traditional rearview mirror and the rearview mirror camera. While some high-end vehicles have had this option for several years, it’s now becoming more mainstream with brands such as Nissan and GMC.

Safe Exit Assist

In 2022, one of the newest safety features you can find in many vehicles is safe exit assist. This feature helps improve the safety of you and your passengers when exiting the vehicle, along with pedestrians or bike riders in the area. Safe exit assist alerts you when it’s unsafe to open a door in the vehicle. For example, if you’re parking on a street and the vehicle detects a cyclist riding by, safe exit assist will issue a warning so you don’t open the door at the same time.

Some safe exit systems continue working even after you turn off the vehicle, which can be helpful when you’re parking. Some systems use lights and audible warnings to signal alerts, while others may even lock the doors to keep you or your passengers safe.

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