Where Are the Best Places to Watch the Sunrise in Miami, FL?

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Miami has some of the most amazing sunrises in the U.S. Whether it’s over the ocean or the city, there are countless ways to enjoy the warmth and beauty of a Miami sunrise. Those looking for the best places to catch a gorgeous, early morning sunrise may wonder where the best spots are to watch the daybreak. 

If you are chasing a good sunrise in Miami, our team at Miami Car Credit has gathered a list of our favorite places for you to start your morning. Keep reading to find a spot in the city with breathtaking views, fun activities, and more.

South Beach

Sunrise in Miami, Florida

Sunrise by Holger is licensed with CC BY 2.0

The famous shores of South Beach, Miami, are a great spot for those hoping to watch the sunrise over the ocean while relaxing on the sand and listening to the waves. Entry to the beach is free, and there are plenty of other activities and entertainment for you to explore after the sun rises. The South Beach area also has an area with shops, activities, and parks for an all-day experience full of fun and nature.

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, located on the beautiful and secluded island of Key Biscayne, is a peaceful and relaxing spot for watching the sunrise while being surrounded by the water and taking in the additional sites and attractions of the park. The park hosts the Cape Florida Light, famous for being the oldest standing structure in Greater Miami. Other attractions around the island invite you to explore and enjoy the area after the sunrise.

Crandon Park

You can catch a gorgeous view of the sunrise over the water in Crandon Park. The park rests along the northern edge of Key Biscayne in Miami and provides spots to sit and watch the sunrise on the sandy shores or along the path in the park. Crandon Park also has other views and attractions such as a sandy beach, marina, tennis court, and golf course. You can enjoy all the park offers from sunrise and beyond with free entry and easy access.

Bal Harbour Village

Bal Harbour Village appears at the northern tip of Miami Beach and includes a few blocks of shops, resorts, and sandy shores. The village’s location makes it a great place to get a picture-perfect view of the sun coming up over the water. After the sunrise, you can continue to walk through the village and enjoy the area for a great start to your day before exploring the rest of the city.

Haulover Beach Park

Haulover Beach Park receives rave reviews for the location and views of the sunrise and sunset over the water. The park sits between the Atlantic Ocean and Key Biscayne Bay and has over 117 acres of sandy shores along the water. With free entry and easy parking, anyone can find a spot in the park to watch as the sun rises over the ocean and creates a beautiful landscape. The park also brings endless fun and amenities such as biking trails, boat ramps, and fishing spots. 

Best Times To View the Sunrise in Miami

Catching the sunrise can prove tricky, as the time, location, and views can vary for each day and season. Knowing the best time, location, and conditions for an incredible sunrise can help you get the best view possible. To better plan your Miami sunrise experience, learn when to expect the sun to rise and when to expect the clearest skies.

Best Time by Seasons

In the winter months, the sunrise begins around 6:40-7:10 a.m. In the spring, the time can vary from as early as 6:45 to as late as 7:15 a.m., depending on the month and conditions. Longer summer days make for an early sunrise, with views beginning as early as 6:30-7 a.m. The fall months bring shorter days and other changes like daylight savings times, making the best time for a sunrise view between 7:15 and 7:30 a.m. in September and October and between 6:15 and 6:30 a.m. in November.

Those looking for a more specific timeframe may want to use other resources. Many weather channels and online websites use technology and patterns to predict the exact time of the sunrise and can offer a more accurate time for a particular day or week. If you stay in a hotel or resort, the concierge and hotel staff may also provide you with information about the best time, location, and condition for a beautiful sunrise view.

Best Weather Conditions

The weather conditions and other factors such as cloud coverage and humidity can affect the appearance and visibility of the sunrise. Days with clear skies, low chances of rain, and less fog can offer a clear and beautiful sunrise view. In Miami, the months of March through May offer are most likely to have clear, warm weather and make for a beautiful sunrise every day. 

The hurricane season and frequent tropical storms in the summer make clear skies and beautiful mornings less likely. During the months from September to February, rainy conditions become more frequent. Still, the tropical climate often allows the storms to pass quickly, so there are plenty of mornings with cloudless skies and gorgeous sunrises.

Watching the sunrise is an exciting and peaceful experience. It’s a great way to connect with nature and appreciate the wondrous possibilities of a new day. We hope you take the time to seek out these extraordinary locations around Miami for a quick picture or a nice morning meditation.  

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