Tire Service

At Miami Car Credit, we offer a range of automotive services, including our tire replacement, repair, and maintenance services. When you visit us for your tire needs, you can be confident in the service you receive. All of our technicians are Repair Pal and ASE certified with extensive knowledge in the latest maintenance and repair technologies and standards. Whether you’re having brand-new tires installed on your vehicle, or you need a flat tire repaired, our team has you covered. At Miami Car Credit, our customers’ vehicle performance and safety are our top priorities.

Tire Services at Miami Car Credit

At Miami Car Credit, we offer a range of tire maintenance and repair services. Our state-of-the-art service center is fully equipped to provide the service your car needs, quickly and easily. We understand you have things to do and don’t want to spend all day at the service center waiting on your vehicle. That’s why our team works to have your tire services complete as quickly as possible so you can get in and out in no time. For more information about what we offer, check out some of our tire services:

Tire Rotation

When you have a tire rotation at our service center, a technician changes the position of each tire on your vehicle to distribute wear more evenly. You should get a tire rotation according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations or every 5,000 miles. At Miami Car Credit, our technicians can provide tire rotation services with every oil change. We also offer several service specials, so be sure to ask us about our deals on select tire and maintenance packages.

Replacement Tires

Whether you’re buying new tires or looking for tire repair services, Miami Car Credit can handle all of your tire and wheel needs. Our service center is prepared with the tools and equipment necessary to install tires for your car, truck, or SUV. When you bring your car to us for your tire installation services, we’ll mount and balance them and have you back on the road in no time at all.

Our team can also patch those minor holes and have your tires safely inspected before you drive home. We also inspect your tire tread each time you visit to ensure your tires are safe and up to quality standards.

Tire Balancing

If you notice your steering wheel, seats, or floorboards vibrating while driving, you might need to have your tires rebalanced. At Miami Car Credit, we also offer tire balancing services, where one of our technicians balances each tire and wheel assembly to center the weight distribution more evenly. If you’re installing new tires, we recommend tire balancing and alignments to ensure smooth, safe driving.

Tire Alignment

When you install new tires on your vehicle, the team at Miami Car Credit ensures your tires are aligned according to the manufacturer’s specifications. With our wheel alignment services, one of our technicians examines the suspension and steering systems and makes any necessary adjustments to the angles of the wheels. The alignment ensures your wheels are perpendicular to the road and riding on the tires evenly to reduce unnecessary wear. When you bring your vehicle into Miami Car Credit, we make sure your tires are in top condition and have you on your way as quickly as possible.

Tire Care Tips From Miami Car Credit

Between services, the team at Miami Car Credit suggests several helpful tips for tire care and safety:

Have Regular Tire Rotations

Maintain the health and performance of your vehicle by getting regular tire rotations. Our team typically recommends a tire rotation each time you have an oil change, and we’ll inspect your tires each visit to ensure proper tread wear and alignment. The most important reason to have regular tire rotations is to prevent uneven wear on the tread so your tires last longer.

With regular rotations, you can also maximize the performance of your car, since the tread wears evenly on the surface of the road. Be sure to ask your technician more about the benefits of regular tire rotations when you visit us at Miami Car Credit.

Check Your Tread Depth

The tire tread is the part of the rubber that makes contact with the road, and you’ll see different patterns depending on the tire and tread type. No matter what type of tires you have on your vehicle, though, monitoring your tread depth is important for ensuring tire safety.

If the tread on your tires is worn, it could become too shallow and cause your vehicle to lose traction, making it harder to brake and control. Worn tread can be a safety hazard, so keep an eye on your tires and check with your service technician to ensure your tire tread is in good condition.

Keep an Eye on Air Pressure

If your tires aren’t inflated at the right pressure, they can impact the overall performance, stability, and safety of your vehicle. Checking the air pressure at least once every month can ensure you have the right amount of air pressure according to the tire manufacturer’s specifications. Check your tire pressure in the morning or when you haven’t been using your vehicle.

Since tire pressure is based on cold inflation, checking the pressure when your car has been sitting ensures an accurate reading on your tire gauge. For more information about your vehicle’s tire pressure or to have a pressure check and tire inspection, give our service center a call to schedule an appointment and we’ll make sure your tires are in top shape.

Schedule Your Service at Miami Car Credit

If you have questions about your vehicle’s tires or you need tire replacement or repair, get in touch with the team at Miami Car Credit. We also offer maintenance specials for a range of services, including oil and filter changes, brake repair and maintenance, engine and fuel system flush, and transmission and fluid checks. Our team of certified technicians is here to help you with all your automotive needs.